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Botox Secrets: 3 of the Best Ways to Use Botox in Brentwood, TN

Botox is well known for its ability to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, but did you know that it can do so much more?  While Botox in Brentwood, TN is primarily used to slow the signs of aging, we want to share some surprising ways it can help to improve your appearance and quality of life.

Botox Can Slim Your Jawline

Have you noticed your jawline becoming more prominent and square over time?  This is caused by your masseter muscles which are responsible for chewing and gritting or grinding your teeth.  These unconscious movements can increase the size of the muscles.  By injecting Botox into the masseter muscles, they will relax and you’ll notice a more slender look to your face.  

Stop Sweating with Botox in Brentwood, TN

Botox in Brentwood, TN is a powerful solution for managing excessive sweating, a condition known as hyperhidrosis. When injected into areas prone to excess sweat, such as the underarms, palms, or soles of your feet, Botox can temporarily block the nerve signals that stimulate sweat production. If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, ask your dermatologist if you are a good candidate for this treatment.

Enhance Your Lips with a Botox Lip Flip

You read that right.  You can improve the appearance of your lips with Botox.  With strategically placed injections around your upper lip, it will relax and slightly “flip” upwards, giving you the appearance of a fuller, more defined lip.  Lip flip results are often more subtle and natural looking than lips enhanced with filler.

What Else Can Botox Do?

The unexpected uses for Botox in Brentwood, TN don’t stop there.  As more research is done, the neurotoxin continues to prove that it’s good for more than just cosmetic applications.  It has also been shown to be effective in treating migraines and muscle spasms.  Talk to your doctor to find out more about these treatment options.

The Secret is Out!  Get the Best Botox in Brentwood, TN at Advanced Skin and Laser Center!

Now that you know all the ways Botox can be used to improve not only your appearance but also your quality of life, it’s time to schedule your consultation.  Dr. Binhlam is a dermatologist serving Nashville and the surrounding areas from his office in Brentwood, TN.  He has the qualifications and experience to not only treat your cosmetic concerns but also your medical dermatology needs.  Call our office today at 615-843-SKIN to schedule an appointment!