Nonsurgical Brow Lift

Droopy brows are a common complaint of patients desiring rejuvenation around the eyes. Patients often state that their eyes feel heavy.  Anatomical studies have shown the eyebrow does not truly change position markedly with age. You may benefit from nonsurgical lifting of the eyebrow region and we suggest a consultation with Dr. Binhlam to see if he feels you would be a good candidate.. For patients that either inherited a lower eyebrow or desire to improve their brow shape, nonsurgical eyebrow lifts may be of benefit. Small amounts of fillers such as Restylane placed near or in the brow can improve the shape and lift the brows. Skin tightening procedures can increase lift in the eyebrow. Ultherapy is a nonsurgical ultrasound-based device that is FDA-cleared for nonsurgical brow lifting.