Hand Rejuvenation

Our hands are among the first to show visible and dramatic signs of aging. Think about it. When did you take the time to put sunscreen on your hands as part of your morning ritual? Most of us are lucky to put sunscreen on our face, let alone other body parts unless we are planning on an outdoor outing.  Our hands give away our age just as much as our faces do. But now there are procedures that can add youth back to your hands.

For this reason, we offer our patients a full range of hand rejuvenation treatments to restore their hands to their youthful appearance.

Aging Hands

From pigmentation to volume loss, the human hand undergoes the ravages of aging in much the same way the face does. The soft tissue in the hands, which give them their volumizing appearance, gradually depletes as we age, leaving the veins, tendons, and bones hidden in our youth to be much more prominent and visible. The skin of the hands, like that on the face, becomes looser and more wrinkled as we age. The skin on our hands also receives as much sun exposure as the face, and are nearly always less protected.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatments

There are a number of ways we can give your hands their youthful volume back, improve your skin’s texture and tone, and lessen sun damage and age spots.

Dr. Binhlam has developed a hand treatment plan that offers a combination of peel, filler injections or fat transfers will be used to give your hands a more youthful appearance.

Call today to arrange your consultation and let Dr. Binhlam discuss your many options.