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Tattoo Removal in Nashville

Are you one of the 17% of people who regret their tattoos?  Maybe the results weren’t what you expected, it was a spontaneous choice, or your tastes have simply changed.  Regardless of the reason, you may find yourself wondering where to get tattoo removal in Nashville.

Since you are no stranger to the permanence of doing things to your body, we understand that you take choosing a specialist for your tattoo removal seriously.  Here are a few things we want you to know about tattoo removal in Nashville.

How Long Does Tattoo Removal Take?

While getting the tattoo may have been fast, we can’t say the same for the removal process.   You’ll need several sessions over a period of time for complete tattoo removal.  How many sessions you’ll need will depend of the size of your tattoo, the colors used, and the age of the tattoo.  

Can a Tattoo Be Completely Removed?

In most cases, your tattoo can be completely removed.  Some ink colors can be more challenging than others and will require additional sessions for complete removal.  In some cases, you may prefer to fade a tattoo to prepare the skin for new ink.

How Painful is Tattoo Removal?

We’re not going to lie to you, it can be uncomfortable.  You will likely experience discomfort during and after the procedure.  Pain medication and topical numbing cream can be used to make the process more comfortable.  

Make an Appointment for the Best Tattoo Removal in Nashville

Just like choosing a tattoo artist, choosing a skilled specialist for tattoo removal in Nashville is very important.  They will be able to guide you throughout the process to reach your desired results. 

Dr. Binhlam at Advanced Skin and Laser Center in Brentwood serves patients in Nashville and the surrounding areas.  Using the Pico laser, he’s able to efficiently and effectively remove unwanted tattoos while preserving the health of the skin.  If you’re ready to start the tattoo removal process, call our office today at 615-843-SKIN to schedule a consultation.