Lichen SclerosIs

Lichen sclerosis is an uncommon, chronic inflammatory disease of unknown cause that may be autoimmune in nature and much more common in women. It affects the vulva and anal area in women and the penis in males and can be seen initially in the prepubertal years.

It is possible that some type of insult, trauma, genetics, or prior infection may contribute to development. Lesions present first as small, smooth, pink or ivory flat topped bumps that, over time, coalesce to form large patches of glistening, smooth, white, thin and wrinkled skin that can encircle the vagina and rectal area.

Itching, irritation, soreness, pain on urination and defecation, and pain with sex or common presenting complaints. While there is no definitive cure, treatment can be highly effective and rewarding and can keep the disease under control.