Lip Flip

Did you know that you can enhance your lips without the use of fillers?  A lip flip is a cosmetic treatment that’s been gaining in popularity for it’s subtle, yet effective way to make your lips look fuller and more youthful.  A lip flip in Nashville, TN can give you natural-looking, plump lips.

Fillers or Lip Flip?

When you get lip fillers, hyaluronic acid is injected into your lips to add volume and enhance the shape.  With a lip flip in Nashville, a neurotoxin like Botox or Jeuveau is used to relax the muscles around the upper lip.  As a result, the upper lip will flip slightly upward, causing it to look fuller.

Like fillers, getting a lip flip is a quick treatment with minimal pain or downtime.  Fillers offer near instant results.  With a lip flip in Nashville, TN, results are more gradual.  You’ll notice a change over the week or two following your treatment and results will last for three to six months.

How to Get Fuller Lips Without Filler

Injections of neurotoxin are added to the edges of your lip.  As the neurotoxin takes effect, the muscles will relax and more of your upper lip will be exposed.  Your lips will appear fuller and more defined without actually adding any volume.

Benefits of a Lip Flip:

  • Natural-looking results: Enhance your pout without adding volume or looking “filled”.
  • Quick treatment: This easy appointment will have you in and out of our office and ready to look your best!
  • Minimal downtime: You can resume your normal activities after treatment.  You may experience some slight swelling, but no pain or discomfort following treatment.
  • Temporary results: If you’re not sure how much volume you want to add, this is a great place to start.  Because results are more subtle, you’ll be able to get an idea of whether you are happy with your appearance or if you’d like more volume with filler for your next treatment.  A lip flip also doesn’t last as long as filler so it’s not as big of a commitment.

Natural Lip Enhancement in Nashville, TN

For subtle, natural-looking results, a lip flip is an effective way to enhance your smile without the use of fillers.  Schedule an appointment with Dr. Binhlam by calling XXX.