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Answers to Your Questions About Skin Cancer Excision in Brentwood, TN

If you’ve been diagnosed with skin cancer, there’s a good chance that skin cancer excision in Brentwood, TN is the recommended course of treatment.  Fortunately, skin cancer is highly treatable when caught early and if you’re in the hands of a skilled surgeon like Dr. Binhlam at Advanced Skin and Laser Center, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Mohs Surgery vs. Skin Cancer Excision in Brentwood, TN

Mohs surgery and excision are the most common treatments for removing cancerous or pre-cancerous lesions for your skin.  This includes basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.  While treatments are similar, there are some differences.

Mohs Surgery

This treatment uses micrographic surgery which is a precise technique that slowly removes layers of skin with the aim of preserving as much healthy skin as possible while removing all skin cancer cells.  Patients who get Mohs surgery have high cure rates and minimal scarring.  This skin cancer removal method is typically reserved for skin cancer on the face and other areas where aesthetics are a concern.  In some cases, you may need to consult with a plastic surgeon to discuss reconstruction if the skin cancer is located on your nose, ears, or eyelid.

Standard Excision

This technique for skin cancer excision in Brentwood, TN removes the cancer cells along with margin of healthy skin.  This process takes less time and precision than Mohs surgery and often results in a larger scar.  It is also an effective treatment for skin cancer.

How Long Does Skin Cancer Removal Take?

When scheduling your appointment, you may be curious how long skin cancer excision in Brentwood, TN will take.  Mohs surgery could take several hours and it’s best to reserve a full day for treatment.  However, standard excision is much faster and will likely take a around an hour depending on the complexity of the case.

How Painful Is Skin Cancer Excision?

For both treatment options, local anesthesia is used so you don’t experience any pain during the procedure.  Discomfort or pressure is normal.

What is the Downtime After Excision or Mohs Surgery?

Most patients are healed in about two weeks following their treatment.  During that time we recommend rest and avoiding strenuous activity and high intensity exercise.  However, most patients are able to return to work the same or next day.  If you feel any pain or soreness after your procedure it can typically be managed with over the counter pain medications.

Does Insurance Cover Skin Cancer Surgery?

In most cases insurance does provide coverage for skin cancer surgery as it is considered medically necessary.  We always recommend checking with your provider for specific coverage questions prior to your treatment.

What Is the Success Rate of Skin Cancer Excision in Brentwood, TN?

The success rate of skin cancer excision is generally high. Mohs surgery boasts cure rates of over  99% for certain types of skin cancer, making it one of the most effective treatments available. Standard excision also offers high cure rates with a low chance of recurrence.  It’s very important to continue with regular skin checks with your dermatologist after treatment.

Best Surgeon for Skin Cancer Treatment in Brentwood, TN

Dr. Binhlam is the best choice for skin cancer treatment in Brentwood, TN.  He is a fellow in the American Society for Mohs surgery and a member of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery.  With his expertise in skin cancer excision, you can rest assured that you will have a safe and effective treatment whether you opt for standard excision or Mohs surgery.  Call our office to learn more about how Dr. Binhlam can help with your diagnosis and treatment.