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Hair Loss Doctor in Nashville, TN

Not only can hair loss be frustrating, but it can affect your self-esteem as well.  Fortunately, you don’t have to face it alone.  A hair loss doctor in Nashville can help to treat your hair loss and restore your self-confidence.  At Advanced Skin and Laser Center, we offer treatments like SmartGraft and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to help you regain your luscious locks.

What To Do If You’re Experiencing Hair Loss

If you’re noticing thin or balding spots or more hair shedding than usual, it’s time to see a hair loss doctor in Nashville.  They will conduct an exam and evaluation to determine the cause of your hair loss to make the best treatment recommendations.  Hair loss can be caused by genetics, medication, age, stress, or other factors.

Based on your diagnosis, your dermatologist will recommend a treatment plan which may include SmartGraft, PRP therapy, or a combination of treatments and lifestyle changes to maximize your results.

Dermatologist Recommended Treatments for Hair Loss

While you may hear about diets, supplements, and products that promise to improve your thinning hair, the best solutions will come from a hair loss doctor in Nashville.

SmartGraft Hair Restoration

This hair transplantation technique uses advanced technology to harvest healthy hair and transplant it into problem areas.  This treatment has a high success rate with natural-looking results and minimal downtime.  In less than a year you’ll see an improvement in your hair.

PRP Therapy

PRP utilizes your body’s own healing power to stimulate hair growth.  For this treatment, a small amount of blood is drawn.  It is then processed to extract the growth factors and platelets and injected into the scalp.  This increases blood circulation and stimulates the follicles.

Hair Loss Treatment Results

It’s important to note that regardless of which hair restoration treatment you choose, results take time.  However, under the guidance of a hair loss doctor in Nashville, you can once again have hair that you love!

Make an Appointment with the Best Hair Loss Doctor in Nashville

Whether you’re looking to regain a full head of hair or mitigate further loss, your dermatologist is your partner in your hair restoration journey.  Together you can improve your hair health and your self-confidence!

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