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Nashville’s Top Cosmetic Dermatologist

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a dermatologist and a cosmetic dermatologist in Nashville?  

Both are medical doctors who have completed extensive training in dermatology.  However, a cosmetic dermatologist has chosen to focus their practice on cosmetic procedures and has likely undergone additional training in treatments that target the aesthetic appearance of the skin.

What Can A Cosmetic Dermatologist Do For Me?

A dermatologist specializes in diagnosing and treating medical conditions related to the skin, hair, and nails.  When you see a cosmetic dermatologist in Nashville, they will also be able to provide non-surgical options that help to reduce wrinkles, improve the tone and texture of your skin, and reduce discoloration of the skin.  They are also able to offer body contouring and hair restoration options.

While these may seem like superficial treatments, many of the procedures offered by a cosmetic dermatologist can be used to improve common skin conditions, such as:

These cosmetic treatments are often combined with topical or oral medications, lifestyle changes, and skin care plans for optimal results.  Aesthetic treatments offered by a cosmetic dermatologist can enhance your appearance and self-confidence!

Should I See a Dermatologist for Anti-Aging Treatments?

Yes, a cosmetic dermatologist is the best provider to see if you are interested in neurotoxins and fillers for anti-aging.  As medical doctors, they have a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the skin and are skilled at using various techniques to achieve your goals.

Minimally invasive procedures offered by a cosmetic dermatologist include neurotoxins, fillers, and laser treatments.

When you choose a dermatologist in Nashville for your cosmetic treatments, you can rest assured that patient safety will be their top priority.  You’ll achieve natural results with minimal downtime.

Top Cosmetic Dermatologist in Nashville

Whether you are considering cosmetic treatments to help improve a skin condition or just want to get rid of your crow’s feet and frown lines, a cosmetic dermatologist in Nashville is the best choice. 

Dr. Binhalm is a board-certified dermatologist at Advanced Skin and Laser Center and also oversees the medical aestheticians at Binhalm Aesthetics, offering you many options for improving your overall appearance.  Call 615-843-SKIN to schedule your consultation!