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Brentwood Dermatologist for Aging Skin

As we age, it may seem like more and more doctors and specialist appointments are being added to our schedules.  One doctor you should make sure to always see is a Brentwood dermatologist for aging skin.

Should I See a Dermatologist in My Fifties?

  • Skin Cancer Screening: As you age the risk of skin cancer increases, so you should continue to have annual skin cancer screenings.  
  • Hormonal Changes: Menopause and other hormonal changes can have an impact on the skin.  A Brentwood dermatologist can help to manage these changes and keep your skin looking radiant.
  • Skincare: Address changing skincare needs with a new dermatologist recommend regimen.  Medical-grade skin care products can allow you to address hydration, sun protection, and other concerns like dryness or sensitivity.

How Can a Dermatologist Help in My Sixties?

  • Skin Cancer Treatment: If you do receive a skin cancer diagnosis, a dermatologist can offer treatment options like Mohs surgery.
  • Skin Infections: The risk of skin infections like shingles, is more frequent in older adults due to weakening immune systems.  Your doctor can help to diagnose and treat infections.
  • Hair and Nails: If you are dealing with thinning hair or brittle nails, your dermatologist can offer solutions to help.

Do I Still Need a Dermatologist in My Seventies and Beyond?

  • Skin Health: You may be facing dry and thinning skin that is more prone to chronic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea.  Your dermatologist can provide ongoing care to help keep your skin healthy.
  • Wound Treatment: Should the issue arise, a doctor can address delayed wound healing and provide appropriate treatment options.

Best Brentwood Dermatologist for Aging Skin

As you can see, your relationship with your dermatologist is a lifelong one.  It’s crucial to find a doctor that you like, trust, and can have open communication with.

Regardless of your stage of life, Dr. Binhlam can address whatever skin concerns you are facing.  Call today to schedule an appointment to start a lifetime of good skin health!