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Best Dermatologist for Acne Treatment in Brentwood

At Advanced Skin and Laser Center, we know how common acne is.  Fortunately, it’s very treatable at an acne dermatologist near me in Brentwood, Tennessee.  

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the United States, affecting up to 50 million Americans annually.  

While it is very common in teens, it can occur at any stage of life.  Regardless of your age, acne affects your appearance and can have a profound impact on your self confidence.

Treatments for Acne at a Dermatologist Near Me

When you visit Dr. Binhlam, an acne dermatologist in Brentwood, Tennessee, he will begin by evaluating your skin, noting what type of acne you have and where the breakouts are.

Treatments for acne can include:

  • Topical medications like a retinoid, benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid
  • Prescription medications
  • Hormonal therapy (women only)
  • Laser or light therapy
  • Corticosteroid injection
  • Nutritional plan
  • Skincare recommendations

You should continue to follow up with your dermatologist to make sure the treatment plan is working and make changes as needed.  

What Causes Acne?

Many people first start to see acne during their teenage years.  An increase in hormones signals the body to produce more sebum, which is the oil in the skin’s oil glands.  If you or your teen is suffering from acne, schedule a consultation with an acne dermatologist to discuss treatment options.  Early treatment of acne can help prevent scarring.

Bacteria is another cause of acne.  When excess sebum clogs hair follicles, blackheads or whiteheads can form, resulting in inflammatory acne.  

Just like with teenagers, hormones can cause acne in adults as well.  Many women will experience flares the week before menstruation.  Birth control is a common treatment in these cases.

Top Rated Acne Dermatologist Near Me in Brentwood, Tennessee

If you or your teen are dealing with unwelcome acne breakouts, call Advanced Skin and Laser for a consultation.  When over-the-counter treatment options just aren’t cutting it, it’s time for professional help. 

A dermatologist specializes in skin issues and knows the best ways to treat them.  Our dermatology office is located in Brentwood, outside of Nashville.  Call us today at 61-5-843-SKIN.  We look forward to seeing you!