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What to Know Before Your First Dermatologist Appointment

Visiting a dermatologist for the first time can be a little intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.  A dermatologist is a skin expert in Brentwood, TN.  You should make an appointment anytime you have a specific skin concern or visit once a year for a skin cancer check.  Here are a few tips to help you feel more comfortable at your first visit.

What To Know Before You Visit the Dermatologist

We all know that time with a doctor is valuable and we want to help you make the most of it when you visit Advanced Skin and Laser Center.  Prepare for your visit with these tips.

Know the Reason for the Visit

You may have a specific skin concern you’d like a skin expert in Brentwood, TN to address, or simply need an annual skin cancer screening.  Your dermatologist can also help with anti-aging concerns and make skincare recommendations.  Let the office know your reason for visiting when making the appointment so your practitioner can be prepared.

Medical History

Your dermatologist will be interested in your medical history, specifically how it concerns your skin.  Include skin conditions, allergies, medications, and family history.  This will help your doctor to be proactive with your care and provide personalized treatment recommendations.

Make a List of Questions and Concerns

If you tend to forget everything you want to know as soon as you enter the exam room, write your questions down ahead of time.  This will ensure that all concerns are addressed and you feel confident and informed after leaving your appointment.

Skincare Routine

As a skin expert in Brentwood, TN, your doctor will be interested in your current skincare and sunscreen routine and any recent cosmetic treatments.  This will help them to assess your skin’s needs and make recommendations to improve your skin health and appearance.

Clothing Choice

Choose clothing that allows easy access to any areas of concern.  You may be asked to undress for a full body skin check, but rest assured that this part of your exam is quick and professional.

Current Medications

Bring a list of medications you’re taking to your appointment.  This gives your doctor a full picture of your health.

Make an Appointment with a Skin Expert in Brentwood, TN

Taking a few minutes to prepare before your first dermatologist appointment will ensure you feel comfortable and leave the office with all your questions answered and a plan to move forward.  Dr. Binhlam has an established reputation for providing thorough and compassionate care to all his patients.  Call 615-843-SKIN today to schedule your appointment.