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Tattoo Removal – Nashville

Sometimes what we think is a good decision at the time, turns out not to be one in the long run.  Unfortunately, not all bad decisions have to be permanent.  You can turn back time with tattoo removal in Nashville with Advanced Skin and Laser Center!

Is Tattoo Removal Painful?

If you remember what it felt like to get your tattoo, you may be wondering how removal will compare.  We have good news here!  While it’s not a painless process, it will hurt less than getting the tattoo did.  And the discomfort can be lessened with the use of topical numbing cream.  Many patients describe the sensation as a rubber band snapping against the skin.  So painless?  No.  But tolerable?  Yes.  

Following your treatment your skin may be tender, red, and swollen, but this should improve within a few days.  

Say Goodbye to Your Ink

Using a laser for tattoo removal is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted tattoos.  The laser breaks up the pigment in the tattoo, allowing it to be naturally absorbed by your immune system and eliminated.  Because the laser targets only the ink, the surrounding skin will remain undamaged.  

While lasers can completely remove tattoos, you may need several sessions depending on the size, location, color, and type of ink used.  You should start to see visible results from your tattoo removal in Nashville within a few months.  

Tattoo Regret: Reasons for Removal

If you are considering tattoo removal, you’re not alone.  Here are the top reasons for removal:

  • Bad or faded tattoo
  • Change in relationship status
  • Professional or career opportunities
  • No longer in style
  • Changed your mind

Regardless of the reason, you don’t have to keep a tattoo that you don’t love.

Where to Get Tattoo Removal in Nashville, TN

Your tattoo may have felt like a lifetime commitment when you got it, but it no longer has to be.  If you have tattoo regret, you don’t have to live your ink forever.  With laser tattoo removal in Nashville, TN, you can safely and effectively say goodbye to the past and hello to ink-free skin!

Dr. Binhlam is a board-certified dermatologist serving the Nashville area from his office in Brentwood, TN.  If you are ready for skin that you can enjoy for years to come, call 615-843-SKIN to schedule your consultation.