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What is the Best Laser Treatment for Rosacea?

Rosacea is an autoimmune disease with no known cause.  It can cause redness, pumps, and visible blood vessels on your face that can be challenging to cover with makeup and leave you feeling self conscious about your appearance.  With the help of a dermatologist in Brentwood, you can get help managing symptoms.  One way a dermatologist can help is with laser treatment for rosacea.

How Do I Know if I Have a Rosacea?

Common signs of rosacea are extreme redness, inflammation, and pimple like bumps on your face.  The exact cause is unknown, but triggers like sun exposure, spicy foods, and certain skincare products can worsen symptoms.  If you suspect you may have rosacea, make an appointment with your dermatologist.

Can Laser Treatment Help Rosacea?

Is laser treatment effective for rosacea?  For many patients, yes!  Lasers offer a non-invasive treatment option for rosacea that can improve visible symptoms.  Laser treatments for rosacea can reduce redness by targeting blood vessels, stimulate collagen production to improve skin texture, and help to minimize bumps.

Which Laser is Best for Rosacea?

There are a few types of laser that have been found to be effective for laser treatments for rosacea.  Most commonly an intense pulse light (IPL) laser is used.  VBeam can also be used to address redness and acne.  Your dermatologist will be able to recommend the laser that is best for your symptoms.  Most patients need a series of treatments for optimal results.

Laser Treatments for Rosacea – How Long Do Results Last?

Rosacea is a chronic condition and you can still have flare-ups after laser treatment.  You can avoid these by having a consistent skin care routine, avoiding triggers, and always using sun protection.  Occasional follow up treatments may be needed to help manage your symptoms.

Laser Treatment Center in Brentwood, TN

At Advanced Skin and Laser Center in Brentwood, TN, our dermatology team is experienced in diagnosing, managing, and treating chronic skin conditions like rosacea.  Call our office today at 615-843-SKIN to learn more about how laser treatments for rosacea can be used to improve your skin’s appearance and boost your confidence!