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5 Things You Should Know Before Your First Dermatology Appointment in Brentwood

Did you know that most people should start visiting a dermatologist around age 30?  Annual exams are important to screen for skin cancer and monitor any other skin conditions so they can be addressed and treated quickly.  If you’ve never been to the dermatologist here’s what you should know to make sure you’re prepared for your first dermatology appointment in Brentwood.

What To Do Before Your First Dermatology Appointment in Brentwood

  1. Medical history: At your first dermatology appointment in Brentwood, you’ll be asked about your medical history.  Review relevant dates, family history, and previous skin conditions prior to your  appointment so your dermatologist can understand the full picture of your skin health and concerns.
  2. Skin concerns: If you don’t have any specific concerns and only need your annual skin screening, that’s great.  However, this is your opportunity to talk to your doctor about any concerns.  These could include suspicious moles or lesions, anti-aging treatments, or other skin conditions you’re dealing with.  Don’t hesitate to write these down beforehand so you don’t forget any relevant questions during your appointment.
  3. Skin care products: Your provider will most likely ask you about your current skincare regimen.  Bringing your products and current skin medications means they’ll be able to look at ingredients and help you determine what products will be most effective for your skin type.  
  4. Remove makeup and nail polish: To have a thorough examination, don’t wear makeup and remove any nail polish.  This will ensure your dermatologist in Brentwood can accurately assess your skin condition and identify any underlying issues or concerns.  
  5. Ask questions: Whether you have concerns about skin conditions or want to learn more about proper skin care, your first dermatology appointment in Brentwood is the perfect time to ask questions.  You should also ask for clarification you need about any diagnosis or treatments that are discussed during your appointment.   We want you to feel empowered and confident after your dermatologist appointment.

Establish Healthy Skin Habits with Advanced Skin and Laser Center in Brentwood, TN

Scheduling your first dermatologist appointment in Brentwood is the first step in creating a lifetime of healthy skin habits. 

The dermatology team at Advanced Skin and Laser Center in Brentwood, TN is currently accepting new patients and would love to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin.  We offer medical dermatology services like skin cancer screening, Mohs surgery, and diagnosis and treatment for a variety of skin conditions, as well as advanced laser and skin treatments for anti-aging, scarring, and more. 

Call our office today at 615-843-SKIN to schedule your first dermatology appointment in Brentwood.