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Fat Transfer Alternative: Renuva in Brentwood, TN

Volume loss occurs naturally as we age.  You may notice it in your face, hands, or other parts of your body.  Fat transfer has often been used to restore lost volume and give patients a more youthful appearance.  But now that Renuva in Brentwood, TN has hit the market, there is a non-surgical alternative to fat transfer that offers similar results.

How Does Renuva Work?

Let’s start by talking about the source of the fat being used for both procedures.

For fat transfer, the fat is obtained through liposuction.  As a result, you will have pain, discomfort, and downtime following the procedure. 

Renuva uses processed adipose tissue derived from human cells formatted into an injectable filler.  Renuva will stimulate your body’s own fat production, creating natural, long-lasting results with no downtime.  

Where Can Renuva Be Used?

Renuva in Brentwood, TN can be used in a variety of places to restore lost volume.  Popular treatment areas for Renuva include:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Hands
  • Body 
  • Breasts

Renuva is often used to correct irregularities from previous surgeries.  It can improve the appearance of depressed scars, smooth liposuction irregularity, and rippling from breast implants.

The Cost of Volume

Another important consideration when comparing fat transfer and Renuva in Brentwood, TN is the cost.  In many cases, Renuva will offer similar results for a much lower cost than liposuction.  A consultation with a Renuva injector is the best way to know how much you will need, what the cost estimate is, and what payment plans are available.

A Better Alternative to Fat Transfer: Renuva in Brentwood, TN

In summary, if you are looking to contour your face or body, restore lost volume, and enhance your appearance, Renuva is a safe and effective alternative to fat transfer.  Benefits to choosing Renuva include no downtime or pain, natural, long-lasting results, versatile treatment options, and a more accessible cost.  

To find out if you’re a good candidate, schedule an appointment with Dr. Binhlam today by calling 615-843-SKIN.